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6 Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Social Media Marketing Strategy

6 Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Social Media Marketing Strategy

We are living in a digital age, and whether you are a fan of social media or not, there is no denying that social media marketing works and can help your business and return on investment significantly. 

The issue at hand, is not whether you need it, that much should already be obvious, but why! 

While you may have a vague idea of the usefulness of social media, it is possible you lack clear objectives or a content marketing plan that can take your business from struggling to thriving. You may also want to motivate your manager or boss to hire a content marketing team that will take care of your needs and need to present your arguments. 

This article will analyze all the reasons why you need social media marketing to help your business and touch on what the next steps should be.

Keeping it fresh 


Your business probably already has the basics covered. Brochures, business cards, and a LinkedIn profile where people can read more about what you do. Then when someone takes your business card, they can find your website and navigate there for more for up to date information. Or is that what they will find? 

Most websites are not updated regularly and while the core information is presented, there is no space for regular updates or news. If your website was designed a few years ago, you might even have a page on the website dedicated to “news” that hasn’t seen a new listing since 2 years ago. 

Social media channels are the fastest way to inform and interact with your future customers. From special promotions to new products, services, announcements, or amended opening hours, to profile client success stories and before and after photos, social media is where a customer really gets to know your business. 

If this doesn’t make you pause and think, consider this too. Your competition is already on social media having those conversations with your customers. And even if they aren’t that just means you can take advantage of this opportunity straight away. 

Business Credibility 


The other side of this coin is business credibility. If you already have the website but no social media channels, your customers may start to wonder why. 

Most businesses pick at least one platform on which to be active depending on their niche and client needs. 

Stay in contact 


Social media isn’t just for you to showcase new products or stay in touch with your customers, even though you definitely should be using it this way too. 

Customers will also want to contact you on social media, rather than say email or through the phone. 

A Facebook chat box, for example, can gather important information on your customer needs, and talk to them when you are not in the office or available. This works especially well in the beauty and health industry where clients might not have the time to call and arrange an appointment at the dentist or the beauty therapist. They might also not want to talk on the phone openly about the type of service they need. Facebook has become such a big part of our lives, that it feels natural to send a few messages and explain what you need, then wait for directions or a call back once they are able to take your booking.

Window Shopping 


Window shopping offers people ideas of what they need, but don’t want to commit to buying yet. Most people nowadays will do online window shopping or research. Especially, when considering bigger and more expensive purchases. 

Unless you are on social media and can showcase, entice, collect information on and later reward or reintroduce those services or products to potential costumes, you are missing out! 

If you are selling, for example, deck, patio, and porch supplies or do renovations, customers will want to see the latest projects you have worked on. Possibly check out if previous customers have tagged you in their photos, or how you respond to comments. They might even save some of those photos on Instagram in their folder titled “New Porch Project”. 

Coming full circle… back to your website 


When you hang out where your customers do, and you make them interested enough in what you have to offer, they will follow back to see more and inquire more. Where? Your website of course. 

While your website may not be the best place for regular news or updates, it is still the place where your best content lives. That can be video, but more often than not it will be words. 

Words that can move people into action, and create a relationship with the visitor so they will want to make a purchase, secure your services or contact you for more information. 

Advertising Reach 


Have you considered running Facebook or Instagram ads to target the right audience that will be interested in what you are selling? Guess what, you need a social media presence for that too. Previous posts that have performed well, or new posts regarding a product launch or service can become advertising billboards that will get people to click on and learn more about your services. 

Social media, lead generation and your website operate as a codependent loop, where one sends traffic to and helps the other. Social media ads are one of the best ways to scale your reach, convert and remarket your products and services to customers that are already interested. 

If this sounds like too much work to do, then you are not wrong. 

Running a business is already a full-time job! Adding on to it social media marketing and content management is another! 

We can help you focus on sales and customer service while we create engaging and professional blog posts and other content for your website and social media. 

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