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Website Optimization

As a website owner, we always have different goals:
– More sales
– More email subscribers
– Less people abandoning shopping carts
– Increase buyer’s order value


Many business owners strive to generate more sales by doing little things such as decreasing margins, re-designing their website, paying big money to do advertising and with little or no results. Instead their website becomes an endless money pit.


Have you ever paid big money in hopes to increase your goals?
Did you find that your goals were not met even with a new website?
Is your website not meeting your desired goals?


If this person is you, there is a chance that website optimization can help you. Most websites can actually make small variations to boost sales figures or other goals without having to pay for a brand-new website.


What we do as an optimization specialist is:

  1. Identity goals – Identify the goals/key performance indicators (KPI)
  2. Gather data – Gather numerical and non-numerical website data
  3. Analyse data – Look through the data and make it useful information
  4. Create hypothesis – Our observations will help us develop a supposition for a competing variant
  5. Design variants – Create the actual variants to test the hypothesis
  6. Implement technology – Implement the variants
  7. Test – Use testing strategies depending on number of variants we have
  8. Analyse results – Look at the results to see if the hypothesis is correct before full implementation


Case study: Client in the Entertainment Business
The problem our client was facing was they were getting plenty of potential customers to their website but sending them only to the events page to buy. When people did not purchase a ticket, they left the website. To build rapport with the audience and provide valuable information we added a Blog to their website and ran paid traffic to the blog posts.


In order to decrease the number of visitors leaving we added a right-hand side bar and events calendar so that way people navigated to other pages after reading a blog post.


After looking at the data using Google Analytics we could now see that people were viewing 2 – 3 pages instead of one. Staying on the website longer and also navigating to the events page to buy tickets after landing on the blog page.


Within 2 weeks, the results in Google Analytics showed that bounce rate decreased, and visitors were moving through our website into the events page. Ultimately, the client’s event nights went from being half booked to sold out or very close to sold out. These website optimization changes and addition of a blog make a huge impact to their bottom line.


Another marketing company told them they needed to spend $6000 on a new website when all that was needed was a great understanding of data and analytics and the right optimization strategy.




Websites that ‘wow’ while they work


Our websites are graphically stunning and attractive, but that’s just the beginning. They’re also easy for customers to use, and they’re designed in a way to increase your leads and sales. Our websites are pretty, sure, but they’re so much more. At Charm Marketing we’ll take care of everything relating to your website. We’ll speak your language, and we’ll save you money while reducing all your headaches.