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Latest Digital Marketing Training For The Charm Marketing Team


Latest Digital Marketing Training For The Charm Marketing Team

Do you feel like you’re stuck on autopilot? Yes you work hard but you feel like your business is being left behind. Despite your best efforts, you’re just not growing as you know you should.

Dread looking at your growing list of dozens of things you know you should do to promote your business and improve your bottom line? Things you’ve read about in blogs, heard about in events or from your favourite entrepreneur?

Struggling to get important marketing tasks done? Sending emails, updating Facebook posts, creating ads, scheduling tweets, and so on?

You know you need to do all these tasks but you’re just not sure which ones you should do first and at the end of the day you don’t have the time to do it any way.

Running a business these days is very competitive. Business owners are expected to know and practice everything regarding marketing. Alternatively, they hire employees that to do all of these tasks but this increases fixed overheads.

In addition, the cost of hiring and retaining employees in general are going increasing. Finding the right talent is critical to your bottom line and for your success.

Does this sound all too familiar? Just know that you’re not alone.

And that’s where Charm Marketing comes in.

If you’re looking for a well-oiled machine that will get the right work done faster, delivers results and with minimal fixed costs incurred, you’ve come to the right place.

At Charm Marketing, we realised the value of a multi-versatile team that can tackle any marketing effort. Because we handle many clients with different needs, it’s important to be exceptional in handling different channels. Be it social media, email, blog, content marketing, advertising or offline marketing you can count on us.

This way, we get to ensure we do the hard work not you. No need to take away your time from your business to learn digital marketing when you can hire a qualified team to do it for you.

For this reason, we decided to invest in additional digital marketing training. Our goal was to get the team to not only expand their knowledge in their areas of expertise, but in other areas as well.

So we invested in DigitalMarketer Elite, one of the best digital marketing training certification not only in the United States but worldwide.

Digital Marketer Elite – Overview

DM certificates

Digital Marketer Lab (DM Lab) is an e-learning product offered by Digital Marketer. It’s promoted as a membership site for digital marketing individuals.

According to Ryan Deiss, the CEO and Co-founder, the company has trained over 126,000 marketers, hosts the largest digital marketing conference in North America, and literally wrote the book on digital marketing (Digital Marketing for Dummies).

How Have The Courses Impacted Charm Marketing?

Learning without action is worthless so we took the tactics and strategies learned, integrated them into our marketing campaigns and put them into the test.

Case Study One

One of our clients, an entertainment venue was having a hard time selling event tickets. When we took over their digital marketing we created engaging and convincing event pages. We also added a blog loaded with fresh content onto their site.

Then we set up and created FB ads and ran competitions on FB and Instagram. These combined with well-crafted marketing campaigns sold tickets fast. We ended up with 3 totally sold out events the month that we were ran their marketing.

Case Study Two


Another client, a bar, was organising its grand opening. The Charm Marketing team worked on this project which included a website, FB page graphics and content posting, FB ads, PR email out to the media, invitations to local businesses, content writing, organising entertainment and managing the guest list.

At this point, we had established a foundation for all our digital marketing services and also leveraging each team member’s specialty at a deeper level. For this reason, we were able to turn it all around for this client in 9 working days! And I must brag a little, the Grand Opening was a huge success.

Leverage our Full-Stack Marketing Team

So how would you describe your marketing efforts?

No, really honestly, how are things going?

Non-existent? Overwhelming? All over the place?

Well if you truly admit that things aren’t working out as they should then it’s definitely time to get some much needed help.

Leverage our team of 10 marketing specialists that gets results led by Charmaine all of which are certified by Digital Marketer. You have one point of contact with Charmaine and she handles the rest. We now use what we learned to offer fully-fledged marketing services across all areas of digital marketing to grow our clients businesses.

From lead capturing to revenue generation we’ve got you covered.

Talk to us today and we’ll make sure you stay ahead of competition!

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