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Benefits Of Working With An Outsourced Marketing Team


Benefits Of Working With An Outsourced Marketing Team

Working with an outside marketing team has several hidden benefits. For many, outsourcing marketing is a smart business decision. In-house marketing is expensive and can be more of a hassle than it’s worth.

If you are considering using a marketing agency or want to grow your business without bringing on more employees here are some reasons to make the switch. According to the Mix Marketing Report over two-thirds of B2B companies outsource some level of marketing.

Often companies will outsource marketing to gain insight on marketing strategy and/or website development. No matter the size of your business you can benefit from an outside marketing agency.

Whether that is to gain a new perspective or get help in a challenging area an outside team is right for you.

The Top 5 Reasons To Outsource Your Marketing To Specialists

You can work online with an outsourced marketing team

1) Cost Management

On-boarding, benefits, training, vacations days all add up! Hiring an outside marketing team will allow business owners to curtail overhead costs. Marketing teams can be stretched thin and might not always have the time to thoughtfully research trends or brainstorm new initiatives. On the other side of that coin, using outside marketing specialists lessen the individual workload. The smaller workload can decrease turnover. Outsourced marketing might look expensive upfront but saves money in the long run. The cost of bringing on new employees greatly outweighs upfront costs.

2) Expertise and Innovation

External marketing agencies are experts. These firms have the best technology and minds working on your project. Marketing teams experience a creative block, hiring an outside team brings new ideas and perspectives to the table. An outside agency hires professionals specialized in all areas of marketing. In house marketing potentially has one or two people working every aspect of marketing, they have to become copywriters, designers, photographers, web developers, advertisers, print specialists, and the list goes on-and-on. Outsourced marketing professionals work every day refining their craft and will give provide your company with tailored marketing materials, strategy and implementation that compliments yours in house marketing.

Utilise a team rather than just a singe Marketing Manager in your business for better results

3) Scalability

Demand is growing but your workforce is not. Existing resources may not be sufficient for the number of materials you desire. Growing your business is priority number one, outside marketing allows businesses to connect with new clients quickly and without delay. The amount of work your employees can produce won’t change without hiring more people. Outsourcing new materials are limitless.

4) Expanded channel

Outside marketing firms can connect their clients with the most advantageous location, time, and form of marketing for success. Not everyone is a marketing expert, they are! They want to repeat business and work based on results otherwise they don’t get paid. It is in their interest to meet deadlines and produce tangible results thus they are willing to work hard and succeed together.

5) Results and ROI

Actions are louder than words; results are key. Experienced professionals are an extra set of hands and eyes working for YOU! Great marketing sets businesses apart from the competition and drives traffic. Great marketing turns clicks into cash. Specialised marketing teams can change the game and open up your business to new possibilities. Working with outside individuals gives businesses a leg-up and can take you to the next level. Media and marketing are changing daily, why try endlessly tracking trends when an outside team can?

You may not even have a marketing manager hired full time in your organisation. Take advantage of not paying holidays, sick days, superannuation, and focus on what you do best while we do the rest. 

The best way to start is with a marketing strategy session either face to face or online. This investment at the beginning will help you understand where your business is and how to achieve your goals. It only takes 6 hours and for $1750 it is a minimal investment to trial our expertise as opposed to hiring someone full time for $100,000 plus per year.

Book your marketing strategy session here.

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