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Creating The Life You Love.

You are busy but not in business. Multi tasking is great when starting out but when you have grown, you need to specialize.

Playing catch up instead of leading the pack makes you a corporate juggler. Now this is the definition of comedy in business.

Being at the top means focusing on what’s at the top. At Charm Marketing, we mind your business so that you can do you and live your life. Get to spend time on things that matter while we take care of the details.

Let Tomorrow Begin Today.

Your business is gaining momentum thanks to all the hard work. But now you want to work smart because of the big business coming in. Your time must be used wisely, hence the need for a million dollar team to match your million dollar key profits.

Start your future today by bringing in a team that produces results. We will literally give your business the facelift it requires whether in conferences, summits or workshops. We are ready to invest our expertise in your business and the best part is that we don’t need your front desk or cubicle to get started.

Focusing On Success.

So far so good but you still need to scale up. Allow us to use our CHARM expertise to set you up for success.

With an ever evolving team when it comes to know how and show how, we will enable you not only to generate a healthy income but also establish a system that will see you set up your own space at the big table. And yes, we really understand matters scale.

Latest News

Let’s Make Magic.

Project Overview Charmaine consulted with Zacpac Australasia for 6 years, from 2012 to 2018, as the Marketing Manager and brought her outsourced team with her. This was one of the largest packaging companies in Australia. In 2018, they merged with another company and Charmaine decided…

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Project Overview The homestay is located in Hoi An, Vietnam and the owners needed an expert to help them with their marketing. Hoi An which translates as a peaceful meeting place is located in the Quang Nam Province in Vietnam. It is special because it…

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The Sweetest Taboo   Project Overview There is a new spot in town. The client wants you to be on top of things because he is launching his new venue in 10 days. That means you have to work a miracle within 9 days. Achievements…

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