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What You Can Do If You Are Hit by Google’s Penguin Update
By: charm On: August 12, 2012 Comment: are off for this post. battlingthepenguin-270x180

Google’s newest update to battle web spam is going to change how the giant search engine works for everyone, especially for the average small businesses. Google Penguin update hits small businesses where it hurts most – rank. Many small business websites have suffered and are recovering from lost positions on the SERP is easier said than done.

Websites that have implemented over- optimisation strategies will almost certainly be affected by Google’s Penguin Update. With this new update in Google’s algorithm many things, which once were working to optimise everyone’s website, are now considered unethical ways in Google’s eyes. Among those unethical optimisation strategies are paid links, spam article syndicating and creating crap content with the goal of emphasising spammy keywords rather than on the overall value of the content.

Under the new Penguin update, Google now more strictly considers the nature of your incoming links. So what needs to be done?
1. Find an SEO agency that does not practice over-optimisation strategies such as too much keyword stuffing.
2. Ask your professional web design company or web developers to remove links from spammy blogrolls.
3. Instead of spreading thousands of links to random websites, get better quality links from High PR and do-follow websites.

4. Have someone to write great content for you… someone that not only focuses on bringing out spammy keywords.

Are You Unfairly hit with The Wrath of Google Penguin Update?

While Google’s newest update main goal is to drop nukes on websites that practice unethical SEO, there has been a general grievance from business owners, webmasters and bloggers who have been hit by the Google Penguin update, even though they’re playing by Google’s rules. Though Google is a global giant company it has been working all its might, its updates always do suffer from glitches and in few cases might drop bombs on the wrong guys. But things should settle down as the update gets tweaked and improved over time.

Well, if you feel that your blog or website was ‘unfairly bomb’ by Google, you can submit a complaint to them HERE and depending on the gravity of your situation; you may need to bring in an SEO pro to assess you on your appeal ensuring that everything is as it should be.

With this entire ruckus, all in all, the update is a good thing. It should hopefully help clean up the internet and improve the way everyone surfs in the internet.

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