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What is holding you back?
By: Charm On: July 9, 2015 Comment: are off for this post. project

This weekend I am in Sydney for the largest digital marketing event in North America and the very first time to be hosted in Australia, The Traffic and Conversion Summit.

Whilst networking this evening I had the opportunity to speak to numerous business owners who would love to outsource online via platforms such as Upwork however they are hesitant to post their first job.

What is holding them back?

One common objective is that they are not sure how to communicate with a freelancer that lives in another country.

A short five to ten minute Skype call with your top 3 potential candidates will quickly establish the freelancers level of English and if they are a good fit for your position. The best part about this is that you can work from anywhere and not have to sit next to a new employee in the office.

By providing your top two to three candidates with a trial task you will be able to establish if they can fulfil your skills requirements.

I like to send my new freelancers an induction checklist that outlines my expectations regarding communication and best work practices. If you establish this at the beginning then you are setting the work boundaries and expectations right from the very start.

If you hired someone full time at your business premises then you would do this as an in person induction, online you simply do it as a Skype induction.

It is also important to hire people you like and can see working as a part of your team, so a general chit chat now and again is great.

Once a freelancer becomes a team member don’t forget about them just because you don’t see them everyday. Saying good morning and good night goes a long way to creating a mutually benefical working relationship.





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