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What Internet Marketing Strategies Can a Small Business Focus on during their Early Stages in Marketing Online?
By: charm On: October 17, 2012 Comment: are off for this post. target

The internet today has become a powerful tool in providing information and is without a doubt a platform that many successful companies have and are taking advantage of. The internet is used to not only to promote their business but also to increase their online presence.

Due to the popularity of internet, internet marketing strategies have become the perfect avenue for small businesses who want to launch their expertise in their chosen industry. Internet marketing strategies are endless and each may vary from one business to another. So the big question is: Which of these many internet marketing strategies should a novice in internet marketing focus on?

For starters, here are top 3 things you can start working on:

1) Create your internet marketing strategies and begin with just one!

Nobody starts to work on something without a plan or strategy. Before you begin putting up your company’s Facebook page or Twitter page, you have to recognise your goals and objectives first and find out which of these internet marketing strategies will work out best for company. Keep your goals simply and don’t forget to ask yourself, “What do you want to accomplish after this?” or “Why do you want your company’s online presence to be portrayed?” For example choose one or two social media internet marketing strategies, you may prefer Facebook or if you like filming then YouTube would be a good option. Choose something that you enjoy and then it is not like work and you are more likely to keep it up.

2) Identify your market niche.

A niche refers to a particular number of people or a targeted audience who are highly interested at what you can offer. Now, why is it important your market niche before getting started? This is because this is where you can promote your business and website easily. Focusing on particular market will also help you when optimising your website as these people are most likely to search for your products and services. Optimising your website is an important internet marketing strategy and an example of this would be an online skincare company, who is their niche market? Are your customers looking to purchase organic skincare, natural skincare, skincare for acne?

3) Reach out to your target market.

Many businesses ignore the opportunity of posting and answering questions in forums. But, we know better. In fact, we encourage you to visit forums, blogs and discussion boards where you can ask or answer questions that you believe will help in adding credibility and establishing your expertise in a given query. Blog and Forum posting are effective internet marketing strategies and provide a way for you to reach out to your target market. This creates a greater possibility that more people will purchase the products and services. Remember to post genuine comments that are helpful and relevant to the topic.

Once you’ve started working on these three internet marketing strategies you can start consulting an expert on how to effectively further improve your online presence. Two of the most popular internet marketing strategies today includes social media marketing and video marketing, but we can talk more about that in our next post.


Here are our top three internet marketing strategies that you can start using for your business.

1) Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the many famous internet marketing strategies that businesses use. The best thing about email marketing is that it poses a great money-making potential because not only does it support sales through other channels, it also helps building relationships toward your market.

2) Small Business Blogging

Writing a daily post in your business’ blog can help you in making your online presence be felt. Now, you don’t have to talk about complicated stuff – simple “How To” articles and some expert advices and tips that’s around 500 words can already do the trick. Choose the right keywords as this is a crucial part of your internet marketing strategy and include them in your blog’s content as these keywords will what be your customers will be searching online.

3) Social Media Marketing

Many companies today have utilised social media marketing as an important internet marketing strategy because it can reach a wider range of audiences. Aside from that, you’re also making a more personal approach to your customers, making them feel at ease with you and your brand. You don’t always need to post during business hours, you may like to add a post or tweet in the evening when you are online.

There are numerous internet marketing strategies that you can use for your business; the effectiveness of each approach may vary according to your company’s goal or needs. I would like to tell you to create a well laid-out plan for your internet marketing strategies but just get started today with implementing one strategy and learn as you go otherwise you will continue to procrastinate!


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