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Travel the world by outsourcing presented from The Reunification Palace in Ho Chi Minh City
By: Charm On: April 6, 2015 Comment: are off for this post.

I am at the Reunification Palace in Ho Chi Minh City and I’ve just been reading some of the history as we go around. In the mean time, I do have work going on today, my developers in India are working on an app for one of my clients. Because everything is briefed in, I can come and have a day out.

I just found out some very interesting information that the palace, it was actually bombed because an underground member of the communist party Nguyen Thanh Trung – I hope I’m saying that right – infiltrated the air force of the southern republic and seized the opportunity to fly a military mission over Phan Thiết which is near Mui Ne. He evaded detection by the local tower and dropped two bombs on the palace and that’s actually what prompted the US president to evacuate the last of the Americans still in Saigon.

I get to work and I also get to travel and learn about history at the same time.

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