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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Always Update and Refresh Your Blog Content
By: Charm On: December 11, 2017 Comment: are off for this post. 25152276_1779315735708333_7323375908359850287_n

Across all niches, new developments arise almost every day. Customers rely on your information to make important decisions. For customers to trust your products and services, you need to provide valuable and up-to-date content consistently.

The aim of having fresh content is to ensure that your audience will keep visiting your website since they find your content engaging, informational, and credible. Relevant content builds your site authority over other filler contents on the Internet.

Before posting any content, always follow these steps while refreshing information on your blog(s).


This step involves identifying relevant keywords in your niche for people to be directed to your article or blog when they use your search terms. Doing keyword research prior to writing will be a huge help.


This is the process of creating internal and external links to related articles, which is also beneficial for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) purposes.


This is the implementation of the updated blog and tracking of audience engagement.

Reasons Why Fresh Content is King

Now that you know the basics, it pays to know why it is important to have fresh content on your website.

1 . Fresh content helps build your site authority

Have you ever come across a site search that covers 70% of Google’s search results? For example, the search results for SlideShare provides all the affiliates, their profile on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, and Google Play Store among others.

For such exceptional results, the company only uses two simple tricks. First, creating a resource center from which people can acquire credible information across multiple platforms. Second, frequently updating their content to ensure it relates to the current trends and technological advancements.

Whether on social media posts or even App Stores, Google uses its search algorithm to determine what position to rank your site by collecting how frequently people visit, search or share your links.

2 . Fresh content encourages the audience to read more

When the audience comes across clear and informative content, they get the urge to click one of the related links inserted on the article. By refreshing your site contents, you have a better chance of creating a massive library. This can be done by having internal links to your recent and related items. When you do this, the audience learns more about your products and services, and are happy that they can easily access all the information under one roof. This creates an opportunity to turn interested visitors into engaged, loyal customers.

3 . Fresh content helps in marketing

Content marketing is a continuous process. Other new companies in your niche consistently add fresh content to their sites in the form of social media posts, press releases, articles or blogs. With their new and fresh content already in the market, competition is high, and your old content slowly diminishes in value.

Soon enough, you find that your blog is no longer on the first page of Google (this is where your website and blogs should appear because people rarely click the other pages). However, by frequently updating posts, Google exposes your posts more by indexing your blogs to the first search results page making it easy for the interested audience to access your website.

Freshness gives your website, and products, more relevancy and opportunity to be frequently featured or shared on already established authority websites and social media platforms. Therefore, you should publish quality and exceptional content which will make you the favourite product social leader in your niche.

The Power of Outsourcing in Ensuring Fresh Content

Often, life leaves many of us too busy to come up with fresh content regularly. What if you are going on a holiday? Will you let your competitors poach your customers because you cannot consistently create fresh content? The Charm Outsourcing family is always ready to help you as you enjoy a hustle-free vacation.

With our relatively competitive, reliable and unique content packages, we create informational and fresh content that competitors will find hard to defeat.

Contact us today and let us help you take your business to the next level!

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