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Zacpac Case Study

Zacpac Case Study

Zacpac Packaging

Project Overview

Charmaine consulted with Zacpac for 6 years, from 2012 to 2018 as the Marketing Manager and brought her outsourced team with her. This was one of the largest packaging companies in Australia. In 2018, they merged with another company and Charmaine decided not to continue her contract with the new company. This was a family business and traditional in all its aspects. The owner contracted the role to our team leader to take the family company into the digital age whilst combining this with traditional marketing practices.

Below are just a sample of the activities undertaken during the 6 years and the marketing was year round.

  • Presentations and client workshops
  • Organisation and running exhibitions
  • Web design
  • Setting up hosting
  • Graphic design
  • SEO. Outsourced the SEO and worked closely with that company to get them ranked from nothing to 14 major keywords on page 1 of Google which exploded enquiries.
  • Quarterly marketing reports
  • Creating slogans
  • Creating social media pages
  • Monthly maintenance for website eg. creating blogs
  • Creating videos
  • Organizing Christmas gifts
  • Creating corporate videos
  • Facebook advertising and insights
  • Taking care of the Yellow pages by tracking leads
  • Coming up with strategies
  • Searching for marketing opportunities
  • Website updates to improve SEO ranking


Project Goals and Requirements

Introducing a traditional brick and mortar family business to digital marketing and ensuring that they succeed in the digital platform. Production of extra streams of leads. The sales team were to go door to door and networking. It was all B2B with main goal being to save time and get leads directly to their inbox.

Challenge 1

Learning what the client wants. The owner did not want to know about marketing so there was a need to know exactly what they needed.


Mastering the daily running of the business. This would help to create a marketing strategy that was effective, efficient and targeted the right market that is B2B.

Challenge 2

Supply Chain Managers Summit and exhibition preparation. Summit notice was two weeks to the event.

Solution 1

Creating the marketing materials for the summit and organizing the display for presentation for 50 CEOs and supply chain managers for Australian’s largest brands. Writing the CEOs speech articulately to compliment every aspect of the presentation.


Zacpac’s presentation which Charmaine wrote and presented was voted the best at the summit. From the summit Zacpac closed a $4 million contract with Nestle.

The client was invited back as a result of the superb delivery. The speech that was written and presented by our team leader was voted the best speech at the same event.

Solution 2

Fine Foods Exhibition, runs every 2 years and Zacpac participated in 2.

Charmaine did two exhibitions for them. She did everything like setting up the marketing and liaising with Fine Foods, advertising, photo shoots, printing of banners, setting up the exhibition stand, brochure designing and walking around to talk to persons who would not reach the stand.

Summary of tasks

  • Marketing for their booklets
  • Sponsorship
  • Design of stand
  • Set up
  • Attend to support sales staff and make contacts
  • Break down
  • Follow up marketing


  • A bigger stand the following year
  • Leads worth half a million dollars generated.

Challenge 3

Designed and developed a new website to bring them in to the digital age.


Creating a responsive and modern website with great outsourced content.


For the first time ever, the sales team had leads coming into their inbox instead of going out cold calling.

Why Charmaine

She was brought on board because the owner did not know about marketing but also they did not want to hire a full time marketer even though they had a sales department. They loved her lively manner, she is easy to work with plus she was a quick learner.

Success was as a result of taking the initiative to know the nitty gritty of everything because that was the only way to reach out to customers in case anything went wrong. Everything was left in our hands and as a team, we did a great job.

Next Step

Zacpac invaded the digital space with a bang and retained its top position till the time when it merged with another company.

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June 22, 2019