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Taboo Tiki Case Study

Taboo Tiki Case Study

Taboo Tiki

The Sweetest Taboo


Project Overview

There is a new spot in town. The client wants you to be on top of things because he is launching the place in 10 days. You have to work a miracle within 9 days.

Project Goals and Requirements

The client contacted us on the 10th of June and we had to make it all happen on the 20th of the same month. The owner gave us free reign but there was so much to do and limited time.

Challenge 1

Client business has no website


We had to develop a responsive website which had an invitation pop up that visitors would use to compete for free tickets to the launch. There was also a great gallery to wet the visitors visual appetite.

Challenge 2

Client’s business does not have a social life


The client’s Facebook page was an abandoned house and so we started furnishing it with posts and immediately they went up in their number of likes (300 to 500) within 10 days. There was a Facebook competition where people tagged their friends and 30 people got a special pass to attend the launch. Facebook posts and graphics were designed. The focus was to engage the audience and have them look forward to a good time.

Challenge 3

Client has no email marketing


We got Taboo Tiki on email subscription which currently has 42 subscribers. A guest list was also created for the doorman and also to say thank you to all attendees the next day. Why? Because most businesses overlook the power of being responsive. We then sent an email summarizing the activities that took place at the launch. Marketing mix emails were created to inform clients of the other events that our client has.

Challenge 4

Planning for an event within 9 days


The first thing to be done was to develop a website. Then we got the copywriters busy while the videographer went to the launch location to shoot a promo video and take photos for the website and social media advertising. This was for cold traffic so as to drive people to the website. On visiting the website there was a pop up that gave them a chance to participate in a competition for free tickets to the launch.

Using a media list, we sent out media invites to all the stakeholders on the Gold Coast. The media houses were also involved plus top businesses and concierge teams from all the local hotels. All bars close at midnight here so Taboo Tiki is recommended since it closes at 3 AM. Plus it has a different crowd of 25 years and above.

Charmaine, our team leader was at the launch making sure that everything was going as planned. She actually got the dancers and a drummer who got people dancing. She also ensured that the photographers were capturing worthy moments.

The Response

It was amazing. Media stories on both print and radio. Over 400 people were in attendance and they spread the word all over the Gold Coast. Our individual team members might not have got a mention but we love it when our client is satisfied. In this case we were an emergency response team that did extremely well.

Next Step

We are keeping the momentum. When working with a client, we treat their business as though it were our own so we are busy promoting Taboo Tiki as the place to be.

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July 21, 2019