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How to Set Up Your Local Google Plus for Business Page
By: charm On: April 9, 2012 Comment: are off for this post. google_plus_business_pages

Google Plus has opened the doors for businesses and brand pages. In this blog I’ll be showing you how to set up your Google Plus for Business Page. If you haven’t created a personal Google plus profile for yourself yet, you’ll need to do that first (you cannot simply sign up a business page from the main Google+ signup screen).

If you do have a personal Google Plus profile already, here’s how to create a page for your business.

1.) To get started, go to: and follow the steps below to get started with Google+ pages.

2.) Identify Your Business Category: Next is you need to pick a category where your Google Plus for business Page belongs. If you are marketing your business to your local customers online, you should select “Local Business or Place” rather than the Product, Brand, or Company options, because those categories do not have specific data formats that would let you share your localized information like business phone numbers, business address, and hours of operation.

3.) Select Your Phone Number: If you’re like many other businesses, you may have several phone numbers. The one you should add here is whichever phone number you have associated with your business’ Google Place.

4.) Select Your Business Place: If your phone number is affiliated with your claimed Google Places Page, your business should show up in the next step, including business address. If it isn’t showing, you will need to add your business in Google Places, following the dialog boxes provided under the “Not found?” section.

5.) Create Your Page: Once you’ve finalized all the necessary information on the previous steps, you will need to agree to the terms and conditions and click “Create.” This will generate your new Google Plus for business Page!

6.) Uploading Your Google Plus for business Page Image: Next, you will want to upload a business profile image. This will require you to crop your image into a square shape, so you may want to request a designer to optimize your image to display in a square area if it is not already.

7.) Spread the Word. At this point, you can share with your personal account’s followers that you have created a new Google Plus for business Page. However, if you choose not to share right now, you will be able to go back in and share your Page from your personal Profile at a later time.

8.) Customizing Your Page: To customize your business Page, select from top left hand side of your navigation bar the “Profile” icon, which is in the shape of a silhouette surrounded by a circle. Then, click the “About” tab of your profile and select “Edit Profile.” When in edit mode, you will notice a red bar on your profile instructing you to click on different parts of your profile to edit them.

Congratulations! You have now your newly set up Google Plus for business Page!

On the next blog that I’ll be writing, I will show you on how to optimize the elements of your new Google Plus for Business Page. But for now, please tell me your thoughts and share your ideas below. Thanks! I’ll keep you posted!


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