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How to Optimise Your Google Plus for Business Page
By: charm On: May 14, 2012 Comment: are off for this post. optimise-your-google-plus-page-for-seo-270x180

Is a Google Plus for Business Page just another method of creating relationships with people and building trust? Yes it is. Plus in addition to communicating with your target audiences, Google Plus for Business Pages is also a way to get better rankings on Google! I don’t know much about how it all works yet but I have read enough to understand that this is happening right now!

With Google’s search and all the information being brought across the web it is more important than ever for a business not only to have a Google plus Business page, but also to have their Google Plus for Business Pages optimised as much as possible. If you have a Google Plus page and would like it to appear in the top search results here are a few things that you may do to fully optimise your Google Plus for Business Page:

KEYWORDS – Search Engine Optimisation

This may be, in my opinion, your biggest advantage of having a Google Plus for Business Page. With the right keywords related with your business, you can leverage your Google Plus for Business Page to optimise your business website for better ranking in Google search results!

While your Google Plus profile being a source of content and information for followers, the about section of your Google Plus for Business Page is used by Google to categorise and rank your Google Plus for Business Page for related searches. I recommend a thorough and robust ‘About’ tab which includes relevant keywords. Place key terms in multiple fields for added SEO benefit.


In all social media sites, creating a strong profile with lots of information about you and your business is very important. On your Google Plus for Business Page you should add as much detailed information about you and your business. Follow these guidelines below to have a strong Google Plus for Business Page:

  • Title. Google recognises your Business Name as the page title tag in the searches
  • Headline (description): Below your business name is your Google Plus for Business Page headline or description. Write your headline just like writing a Meta description, but try to limit your headline to around 80-90 characters.
  • Introduction. When writing your introduction use keywords, but make sure that you are not stuffing too many keywords as this may appear to reflect spam contents. Also use your keyword as an anchor text of your links.
  • About Section. Your Google Plus for Business Page has an About Section under which you provide details of your company/brand. Here you can fully take advantage of your keywords. Google would index your Google Plus for Business page and reward you if your keywords are well emphasised but do not stuff the About Section with too much keywords- make sure you first get the message across and then try to use the keywords wherever applicable. Add hyperlinks to your business website – but always remember that you are still writing for people. Make sure that your content is rich and meaningful.


When you create a Google Plus for Business Page, you’ll get a long URL for your page that is almost impossible to remember! But with, you can customise and create a nice short URL, a URL that everybody can easily remember.


Keep in mind that the most important picture to have is a great profile picture. This will help you build your brand identity and makes your Google Plus for Business Page more visually appealing. After adding a profile picture, make sure that you also add at least 5 additional photos – these photos will be displayed across the top of your Google Plus Business Page, so make sure they are your best photos! The more photos you add will assist in creating a stronger profile and also provide users to see who you are and what your business is all about.


Google Plus for Business Page is great for sharing videos and photographs – the interface to display photos and videos is pleasant. You can use that to your advantage and display images and videos related to the company. Make sure that you populate your page with good content before you promote it as at the end of the day, it is a social media platform – it is meant for people to interact and share content. Post content that will encourage interactions – Google values this.


Google Plus for Business Pages is just getting started, your customers and potential customers might not be on Google Plus yet. Well, that doesn’t matter! Start communicating with the people who are now using it and begin creating relations and building trust. Your customers will eventually show up!


The truth is I have never tried a hangout on Google Plus yet, but I understand how powerful a video hangout can be for a Google for Plus Business Page. This is where you can talk with your potential customers. This makes the conversation a lot more personal and it builds a strong relationship with your current and potential customers.


When you share something on your Google Plus for Business Page, be sure to mention other people and pages in your status update. I n this way, they will be notified that you have mentioned them, making it much easier for you to start conversations with them!


A Google Plus Business Page is a lot like Twitter. The easiest way to get more followers is to find interesting and targeted people to follow and once you follow them, the chances are high that they’ll follow you back.


Don’t limit yourself finding followers inside Google Plus only. You can also create a badge for your Google Plus for Business Page and add it to your blog or website. By doing so, you are helping your current and potential customers to find you! The Google Plus Badge specifically allows visitors to add your Google Plus for Business Page file to a circle without ever leaving your blog or website and more exposure to your Google Plus for Business can lead to more +1’s, which in turn boost CTR for organic search engine results as well as AdWords.


On the right sidebar of your Google Plus for Business Page you can add recommended links. You must fully take advantage of this feature by adding links to your other social media profiles such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.


Similar to Twitter, you can also use hashtags in your Google Plus for Business Page updates. When you add # and starts to write a word next to it, you’ll see many examples of hashtags that you can use. Using a hashtag will not only make it possible to click that word to see other related updates but your update will also show up in the search for that particular hashtag.

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