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How the Latest Google Penguin Update has Affected Small Businesses
By: charm On: August 6, 2012 Comment: are off for this post. logo_266

Recently some SEOs, webmasters, internet marketers, small businesses and bloggers are not so happy with Google’s –Penguin Update. There have been many websites that are going down in search results rankings and losing traffic. Of course, being at the top of a Google search result is a highly sought piece of real estate on the internet for many businesses. After all, being beaten down on search results also means losing sales and income as well. This newest changes on Google’s algorithm is changing how the search engine giant works on how they order their rankings and small businesses particularly have been hit hard by this changes.


Google Penguin Update VS Link Spam

This newest update, the Penguin, has been primarily focused on discouraging the practice of what the industry calls ‘link spamming’. Of course we all know that in Google’s algorithm, links are precious commodities for every website. In essence, the idea was ‘if there are lots of other webpages that were linking to a particular website or another webpage, then it will be considered to be a high-quality page and will have an impact on how Google and other search engine ranks that website or webpage.

Then as time goes by SEOs and other internet marketers began to beat the system by practicing unethical methods such as link spamming to gain an advantage in a number of ways, most of which were hated by Google and leads to implementing the Google Penguin update.


Google Penguin Update – Hitting Hard the Small Ones

The recent Google Penguin Update may hit business of all sizes pretty hard. However, certain businesses, especially the small ones, may feel the effects more than others because they simply can’t afford to quickly adapt to these changes.

Google may filter higher numbers of spam links linking to big businesses, but these big businesses have more resources to quickly react and fix the link abnormalities. Meanwhile, as for the small business these changes may cause them more trouble. The actual aim of SEO is to connect the human traffic to your site and not tricking the search engine to make them acquaint with your online presence. Small businesses often prefer to opt for budget-friendly SEO packages, which aren’t that bad actually, but could place them at a high risk with this Penguin Update. Lacking the resources to stay on top of these new changes, small businesses may feel more the severe effects of the Google Penguin update.

Are you a small business owner? Is your website hit by Google Penguin update? On my next blog I will be sharing a number of ways that you can do to fix your SEO strategy and climb to the top of the search engine rankings!

Have you noticed a change in your search rankings? Have any questions? Let me know in the comments!

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