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Benefits Of Outsourcing
By: Charm On: June 5, 2015 Comment: are off for this post. outsource

The emergence of online hiring and our global world has brought about the ability of being able to outsource to workers in other countries. For the enterprising business, there are many advantages to this process.

The number one advantage of outsourcing is the financial savings. The ability to hire workers in other countries who simply earn a lower hourly rate can allow for savings of up to 60% than that of a local workforce.

Outsourcing also allows a business to save on recruitment and operational costs. They can decrease overheads with a workforce that can be hired when and if their specific skill set is required, as well as decreasing employee costs such as (in some countries) compulsory superannuation, sick leave and maternity leave. The choice of full/ part time or contactual workers allows for an easily scalable workforce. In times of seasonal or cyclical demands outsourcing allows a business to bring in additional resources when they are needed and release them when necessary.

In our current economic climate, time is a highly valued commodity. A business that understands the value of utilising people and the resources at its disposal will gain the competitive edge. Outsourcing allows a business to rise above its employee size and delegate tasks to skilled workers to improve on efficiency. An added benefit to this process is that those skilled workers, being experts in their field will do a better job and in less time. By outsourcing the supporting processes, a business is also able to focus on their core objectives.

In our global economy and fast moving technological age, it’s important for a business to keep abreast of current trends. Outsourcing allows a business access to highly skilled resources. Workers who freelance their skills through online platforms are often specialised in their chosen field with the ability to spend the time necessary to ensure their skills remain current. This also decreases risk as those responsible for certain job processes will take on responsibility for some of the risk. Being experienced in their field, these skilled workers are generally much better at deciding how to avoid risk in their area of expertise.

In the Global Business Survey conducted by Elance respondents predicted that 54% of their workforce will be online by 2017 and that 84% of those surveyed stated that they believe outsourcing gives them an advantage over their competitors. All these benefits coupled with a push towards the online environment have made outsourcing the next logical step for a business who wishes to gain that competitive edge.

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