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Are you a time-poor, exceptional sales professional, currently masquerading as a juggler?
By: charm On: January 22, 2014 Comment: are off for this post. Outsource Note Showing Subcontracting And Freelance

You’re awesome at selling. You can sell houses, units, properties, apartments, appliances, insurance – you name it, you can sell it. But what you can’t do very well is juggle, and yet that seems to be all you’re doing these days. Balls are dropping all over the place as you scramble to balance your workload, marketing, home life, family life, and that elusive thing called free time.

You’re sick of being in catch-up mode. You want to get ahead. You want to be in control. You want to generate work while staying on top of the work you already have.

You are also aware that you need to have a strong personal brand and social media presence.  How are you going to achieve this when you don’t know where to start and don’t have the time to work out how to outsource?

The only thing you need to do is contact us and we take care of all your marketing and outsourcing project management.

  1. Save money by only outsourcing tasks when you need to.  Why put a marketing person on the pay roll when you don’t require them full time?
  2. Save time. While we outsource to the right freelancers to complete your marketing you get to spend your time  on running your business and making sales.
  3. We help you build your online brand with consistent marketing managed monthly so you don’t need to remember to write blog posts or update your business Facebook page.
  4. Let’s us take care of  the complete project management of a functional, beautiful website for you that gets results. That means we talk to you about business and we talk to the development team about the technical aspects required to make your website work.  The last thing you want to do is deal with developers that don’t understand how your business works and can’t see your vision.
  5. If you need a specific task outsourced we find the right contractor within your budget and time frame to do it, after all we outsource to the entire world so there is always someone that fits your requirements available to complete your work which means you don’t have to wait.


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